Treating BC Neighbours to New Healthy Snacks & Walking Their Dogs

Vancouver, BC – June 25, 2014 – Yesterday, Jordan Rogers from Lloyd-James Natural Food Sales & Marketing was featured on CTV Vancouver’s Lynda Steele segment “Part Time Pooch”. Rogers and his ‘rented’ partner Bruce, a Springer Spaniel, spend their time enjoying the beautiful outdoor lifestyle that Vancouver has to offer.

What makes this opportunity interesting to Rogers, with his busy schedule of running Lloyd-James, he can’t take on a dog full time but with Part Time Pooch, he gets to have some ‘doggy’ time and help his neighbours. The dog owners at Part Time Pooch are just looking for extra help and love for their favourite canines.

When Rogers isn’t giving back to his neighbours and enjoying the Vancouver lifestyle, he is busy hunting down the next generation of great organic food products to bring to Canada.

Lloyd-James, which Rogers founded, focuses on his passion for bringing innovative, organic and healthy snack foods to Canada that will excite both the retailer and consumer. With extensive experience in the grocery industry, Rogers has a keen eye for spotting new products that will perform well in the Canadian market.

The newest products coming to the BC Market in September by Lloyd-James are Cheeky Monkey Peanut Butter Puffs and Wonderfully Raw Gourmet Vegan Macaroons, Snips and Brussels Chips.

Rogers has worked to get both of these companies Canadian distributors (La Grotta del Formaggio Wholesale – Cheeky Monkey and UNFI – Wonderfully Raw). BC consumers will start seeing these two new products on their retails’ shelves come September.

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Lloyd-James Sales & Marketing is a Vancouver-based food products agent for natural and organic food manufacturers looking to grow their brand, sales and market share in Canada.

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