Lloyd-James Interview- Vancouver Province

In early November, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Vancouver Province Lifestyle reporter Samantha McLeod. The venue, was the ultra-healthy Krokodile Pear Juice Bar in Yaletown.

Sam was pleasure to work with, and one of the most engaging people you will meet. Sam and I chatted for over an hour about many food related topics, but the main discussion was how Canadian’s eating habits are changing. Canadian’s are no longer sitting down at the table for the traditional, breakfast lunch and dinner. Instead, Canadian’s are snacking more frequently due to busier lifestyles. In between our chats, Sam and I enjoyed a few samples of manufacturer brands that I represent. Meanwhile, Sam’s photographer, Jer Baum did a fantastic job of shooting the products that we represent, while making me look good on camera, a feat in itself!

Check out the Vancouver Province article here

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