Snip & Brussel Bytes Featured In Canadian Grocer

When Canadian Grocer comes calling and asks for an interview you better be prepared. Canadian Grocer is the #1 national grocery publication in Canada. The magazine is geared towards manufactures, store owners, buyers and those in the grocery trade. Realizing that this was a great opportunity to chat about the benefits of healthy snacking, I started to prepare for my interview. Here are some of my tips to ensure a smooth interview:

1) Ask interviewer what you can prepare ahead of time to send their way (category data, product images etc, background) This makes the interviewers job easier, along with providing relevant content helps make the interview go smoothly
2) Ask interviewer for their top 3 objectives of their article

3) Prepare all of your talking points in point form and write them down prior to the interview

4) Focus on what’s important to the reader (why they should care)

5) Be prepared for post interview email inquiries and always reply to inquiries within 24 hours, even if you don’t have the answer, always best acknowledge the email request and let people know when they can expect a response

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