Why We Represent Plant-Based Brands

 "Plant-based foods are the way of the future and it's my mission to put more healthy food into shoppers' baskets."

Jordan Rogers, Lloyd-James Founder

Meet Jordan Rogers, Founder & Chief Commitment Officer

Raised by a “Granola Mom” in the mid 80s, I was exposed to foods like Red River cereal, hummus, kale, and tofu hot dogs. As a young child I resisted the food she put on my plate, but now as an adult I crave and devour them on a weekly basis!

My passion for food started when I was 12 years old. Shopping with my mom at the iconic Meinhardt Fine Food grocery store on 14th and Granville in Vancouver, I was mesmerized by the selection of gourmet and specialty food products on the shelf. I remember wondering what it took to get a product onto the shelf.

I didn’t know it then, but as an adult I would end up learning and perfecting that exact process of taking an outstanding product and finding it a prized home on a grocery store shelf.

After graduating from Bishops University, I developed my skills further through BCIT’s Marketing Management program and was drawn into the business of food. I gained valuable retail experience selling Danone yogurt to grocery stores across the Lower Mainland; fighting for shelf placement and display space. I was quickly promoted to Western Sales Analyst, but was desperate to explore my entrepreneurial side and become my own boss.

In 2013, my two loves – entrepreneurship and food – collided when I launched Canada’s first plant-based brokerage, Lloyd James, named after my grandfather Lloyd and father James.

L-R: Lloyd Rogers, Mary Rogers, James Rogers-1968

L-R: Lloyd Rogers, Mary Rogers, James Rogers-1968

My grandfather Lloyd Rogers was a commanding 6 ft tall secondary school principal in Vancouver. He was active in his local community, and he and his wife Mary raised 14 children, teaching them to always work harder than the next guy in the room.

Mary & Lloyd with their 14 children and grandchildren-1983

Mary & Lloyd with their 14 children and grandchildren-1983

My father James is where my entrepreneurship gene comes from. My father left his comfortable corporate insurance job to start his own business. Guided by integrity, humour and hard-nosed work ethic (clearly from my grandfather!), he kept his industry peers on their toes by putting his clients above all else and operating with the highest standards possible.

Inspired by their hard work ethic and the positive impact they made on their local and business communities, I named the business after them to ensure I keep our family values front of mind - to work hard, and serve all clients and stakeholders far beyond their expectations. My father is still a valuable mentor and serves on the Lloyd-James Advisory Board.

L-R: Lloyd Rogers, Jordan Rogers & James Rogers-1988

L-R: Lloyd Rogers, Jordan Rogers & James Rogers-1988

Being a family business, means our clients are treated like family too. You won’t be bounced around departments or speaking to a new person or every time you call.


Jordan James Rogers-Feb 2014

We’ll take the time to build personal relationships with you and make you our top priority.

You’re family. And we put family first.

The Future of Food

Slowly but surely, North Americans are waking up to the fact that the root cause of so many illnesses has to do with to what we put in our bodies.

The World Health Organization found that those who ate more fruits and vegetables and less meat were at a much lower risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, stroke and various cancers. Plant-based diets make us look and feel better by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat. And along with all the health benefits for humans, going back to basics is beneficial for the planet and animals too.

As food brokers, Lloyd-James Plant-Based Sales & Marketing mission is to ensure more consumers have access to delicious, nutritious plant-based foods by connecting innovative plant-based food producers with retailers. In a few short years, the business has grown dramatically; proving the hunger for healthy foods is insatiable. Lloyd-James now sells to national retailers with over 700 stores across Canada. And we’re only getting started.

Why our clients choose us

Jordan is incredibly invested in every brand he serves and works relentlessly on their behalf. We have been extremely pleased with our relationship with Jordan and consider him a close friend, in addition to being one of our favorite brokers.

~ Dan Garblik, Founder, Bandar Foods

We have been extremely pleased with his commitment to our products, his professional attitude, integrity and business practices. In choosing Lloyd-James, as your brokerage team, you can't go wrong.

~ Sequoia Cheney, Founder Wonderfully Raw

Jordan and his team greatly support my company as one of his local distributors. They have done a wonderful job with the products we distribute for them and his team works diligently to make them a success.

~ Domenico Bruzzese, Owner, La Grotta Del Fromaggio

 I had the honor of meeting Jordan on an inbound WUSATA trade mission and was very impressed with his knowledge of their programs and the competitive nature of the Canadian gluten free oat market. We hope to find some
kind of path to possibly use his services again in the future.

~ Seaton Smith,President, GFO Inc

Jordan and his team have incredible relationships with retailers and distributors, and always seem to work extremely quick, yet with precision and efficiency. If you're working with Lloyd James, you're in the right hands.

~ Ashley Caprio, Eastern Sales Manager, Munk Pack

If all of the sales and marketing people we worked with were as well connected, ambitious, organized and talented as Jordan is, Cheeky Monkey would be quite a few steps ahead of where we are at present

~ Tzippi Witz, Owner, Cheeky Monkey Oragnic

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